Bitcoin News: How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe From Hackers and Theft

With the rising value of cryptocurrencies, it is really important to keep your cryptocurrency safe after all they are so valuable. Here are five ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers and theft.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

It is important to use only wallets that offer two-factor authentication (2FA), this means that a 2FA code is required before anybody can get access to your account. Note that text and email 2FA is not recommended because it can be accessed easily if a hacker has access to the port of your phone number or your email.

Abstain From Public Wi-Fi

You can access public Wi-Fi in a variety of locations such as hotels, libraries, councils, and airports. When you have access to a public Wi-Fi you may be tempted to access your wallets, account, and exchanges on the go, this can be risky. Public Wi-Fi makes it easy for hackers to gain access to the computers that are connected to the network. You should try as much as you can to avoid searching or connecting on public Wi-Fi connections. If you must go online make use of an internet dongle for private connections.

Beware When You Download

It is possible the files you download have malware attached to them. Malware can action a number of sinister commands once on your device. Malware has the capability to read keystrokes, this can give hackers access to your account and they would be able to read the screen on your device. It is important to be careful when downloading any file as these hackers are very clever people. Many files are usually posted in communities, on Facebook, Telegram, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit, and so on. As tempting as they may be to click on they could be bait to lure you in. Check here.

Keep Private Keys Offline

A private key is a 256-bit number that can unlock a cryptocurrency wallet. Tied to your private keys are your sensitive data and investment and you need this to spend your bitcoin. If a hacker gains access to your private key they can spend all the money on your wallet. For those who have wallets on their computers, you should always store your private keys offline. This could be as a hard copy stored somewhere in your house or as an external hard drive. In the event, a hacker gets access to your device through public Wi-Fi or malware. Keeping your private keys offline can help to limit your loss. This can also be an opportunity for you to realize your device has been compromised before any important thing is stolen.

Secure Your devices

Ensuring your money stays safe and secure should be a top priority for any crypto trade. Usually, cryptocurrency security is not something you can control; this is why you should take steps to secure your devices. It is the belief of security analysts that the security risk for any cryptocurrency is with the wallet, how secure the owner keeps it and the systems they use to make transactions. You should take the same precautions with cryptos as you would with other assets such as credit cards, social security number, and bank accounts. You can install antivirus software on your device to protect it. To find out more, check out

Crypto Trading Tips

Cryptocurrency trading can be an exciting field to get into. It is ever-changing, always growing, and is practically non-stop. Price fluctuations can happen at any time, sometimes dramatically so. Trying to enter the field without any prior knowledge or hearing any tips beforehand can make for an overwhelming, and expensive, experience. Ideally, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with crypto trading before you spend a dime in the market. Following these tips can help make your venture into the world of cryptocurrency a success.


How to Choose the Best Crypto-Exchange

The first thing you should do is choose a cryptocurrency exchange. This is how you convert your traditional government-issued currency, or fiat currency, into crypto-coins. First, be sure you take the time to investigate the reputation of each exchange you are thinking of using. There are many out there with fantastic fees, great customer service, and a focus on privacy and security, so focus your efforts on finding one of these. Ideally, the exchange should be based in the same country as you, for ease of service and transactions. Another key step is to investigate the type of coin they are able to deal with. While coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are quite popular across all exchanges, others, such as Monero, are not carried by all platforms.

Fees are another key factor to look for when choosing an exchange. While the cryptocurrency market does have lower fees, on average, when compared to other investment opportunities, each exchange does charge fees for transfers. In many cases, the fee is proportionate to the amount of security offered, with exchanges that offer more guarantees and protections for your currency charging fees around four percent and those that are less reputable charging as little as 0.2 percent.

Finally, be sure you are happy with the level of security offered by the exchange. It is rare to have an exchange get hacked, but it has been known to occur. To give yourself peace of mind, be sure that the one you choose has a good track record. If they have been hacked in the past, take some time to learn what steps they took to beef up security on their end.


What Things Should You Be Aware of Before and During Trading

Before you start trading, you should be aware of the price volatility that characterizes many cryptocurrencies. For example, if you hold $100 USD equivalent of Bitcoin in the morning, and do nothing with it at all, you may find that your $100 shrinks to $25 or grows to $250 all within the same day. This makes trading coins very time sensitive, so you need to be sure you have the time set aside during the day to instantly respond to market changes. Failure to do so could cause a big loss of money.

Never invest more than you can stand to lose. This is an important thing to remember before you begin trading and as you are in the process of doing so. Seeing a series of profitable trades can seem encouraging. However, due to the instable nature of the cryptocurrency market prices, it is a good idea to hold back instead of going all in.


How to Safely Withdraw to Your Personal Wallet

Withdrawing cryptocurrency to your wallet should be a process that you feel entirely comfortable with. This means taking the time to find a wallet provider you can trust. Check up on wallet developers online, spend time reading reviews, and choose the one with the best security and lowest fees. Be sure to keep your private key completely confidential for added security. Ideally, you should never keep more in your wallet than you need at any given moment, to protect the rest of your crypto assets.


A Few Simple Trading Strategies

There are a few trading strategies you can keep in mind to make things a bit easier, and more profitable. First, always stay on top of industry news, including the cryptocurrency projects currently in development. Never invest simply because you are worried about missing out but keeping an eye on these types of companies can help you identify the best big thing. Second, sell early. If a coin looks like it is peaking, sell. Do not wait around to see what happens. Finally, constantly study the market. Pick three or four coins, including ones you are not actively trading, and watch their progression. This can help you predict market changes while also giving you practice on how to monitor the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Following the tips and strategies mentioned above can help ensure that your foray into the cryptocurrency market is a success. Remember to watch the market, have realistic expectations, and do your research.

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Can Crypto Exchanges Be Trusted with Hard Forks?

On July 31, a Chinese Bitcoin financial specialist sued nearby Cryptocurrency News trade for supposedly blocking him from getting his Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after the Bitcoin fork.  While the case is new for China, gatherings with respect to hard forks and trades have been accumulating since maybe as ahead of schedule as the DAO occurrence in 2016.

So, what happens when you have a coin that is going to be part into two, yet you’re holding it on a trade’s hot wallet?

What’s a hard fork?

Basically, Cryptocurrency News, a hard fork is a change to the digital money’s convention that makes beforehand invalid squares/exchanges legitimate — and the other way around — and in this way requires all clients to move up to the most recent adaptation. At the end of the day, a hard fork parts the way of the advantage’s hidden blockchain, wherein the updated, isolated squares begin following new arrangements of guidelines. Basically, it’s what might as well be called a ‘reset’ catch. There’s additionally a delicate fork, which involves a difference in convention also, albeit such forks can at present work with more seasoned adaptations.

Why dispatch a hard fork by any means?

Essentially, it can be started to amend security dangers found in more established renditions of the product, to add new usefulness or to switch exchanges, according to the latest Cryptocurrency News. The last mentioned, for example, was the explanation behind the scandalous DAO hard fork, which will be depicted in more prominent detail in the following segment. Click here.

The DAO case: To fork or not to fork?

The DAO was set up in April 2016 as a decentralized self-ruling association. Its motivation was to put resources into different organizations, making it a type of a speculator coordinated investment subsidize, controlled by savvy contracts. The conspicuous venture quickly accumulated a record-breaking $120 million in Ethereum (ETH) amid the raising money organize.

In any case, June Cryptocurrency News, a few clients abused a weakness in the DAO code that enabled them to deplete 33% of the DAO’s assets (generally $50 million) to an auxiliary record.

How do trades handle hard forks?

In this manner, giving private keys shouldn’t be troublesome as long as the coins are put away in a product or equipment wallet that can associate with the coin’s main net. Be that as it may, the circumstance is diverse when the forked digital money is hung on a crypto trade’s hot wallet — in that situation, the keys are in fact held by the stage alongside the coins. Thusly todays Cryptocurrency News, the trade gets the opportunity to choose if new coins will be conveyed among customers or not, and the general procedure of asserting those coins gets more muddled.

More inconveniences and claims

Be that as it may, regardless of whether the trade bolsters a specific hard fork, difficulties may emerge. That was the situation with the Chinese financial specialist known under the pen name Bin, who as of late recorded a claim against neighborhood crypto trade. Container asserted that the stage kept him from getting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after the BTC fork occurred in August 2017.


In their declaration, the legal advisors perceived that there is no lawful structure for taking care of hard forks, and that is by all accounts the fundamental issue with respect to the mind-boggling connection between crypto trades and hard forks. See more bitcoin news today. Click here for further details:

You Decide: Will You Be a Bitcoin Investor?

For many years, people have been searching for the best cryptocurrency to invest in and it seems as though bitcoin is one of the more popular options. You really cannot blame investors for looking at bitcoin as it really has been increasing in popularity and prices are increasing too. There has never been a better time to invest but is bitcoin the one for you? Are you really going to take up bitcoin or is another cryptocurrency where your heart belongs?

Investing Is all about What You Know

In truth, investments are great because the returns from them can be fantastic and it can help set you up for life too! However, you have to take to investing like a duck to water; you have to start off slowly getting your feet wet and paddling around before going off on your own! You need to learn about bitcoin and you have to understand how to invest first and foremost. You need to know the basics of investing and the pros and cons too. Bitcoin news today might seem very good but that doesn’t mean to say today is the day to invest; you have to look for the best prices. You want to invest when the share prices are fairly steady and fairly low too so that when they do rise, if they do, you can sell and make a profit.

If Bitcoin Is for You, You Must Keep Updated with the Latest Bitcoin News

If you have decided bitcoin is the cryptocurrency for you, you must do the smart thing and keep updated over the news. Remember, any little shift can change the prices with bitcoin and you have to keep that in mind when you are investing. If you want to invest you need to look at a variety of sources to find out about the latest news for bitcoin. You want the best cryptocurrency to invest in but you still have to do your homework in order to make the investment pay off. Far too many people don’t think about keeping updated with the news and end up with a heap of trouble on their hands. More details in this post:

Investing Can Work If You Work Hard

There are many who seem to think investments are too hard to work with and that they are not always worth it either but that’s not always the case. There are times when a simple investment can work out and can really take your investments to the next level. Yes, there are also going to be times when things just don’t work out but it never hurts to try! You should look at bitcoin and what it can offer as it’s really a very useful solution to say the least. Bitcoin news today is looking good and you are going to find when you invest wisely, you can make it work.

What Do You Think?

Investing in bitcoin can be a really good idea. The amount in which you invest with doesn’t have to be too large if you don’t feel comfortable with investing a sizable amount. Also, you can find the profits or returns are decent too depending on when you sell them on. Bitcoin is a solid investment it seems and while it isn’t for everyone, it can certainly be a good avenue to look into now. Find the best cryptocurrency to invest in and invest wisely.…

What Is Bitcoin and Is It a Good Investment?

Bitcoin news has been on the minds of many recently as more investors look to this as their next investment option. It’s easy to see why so many people look at bitcoin but there are many who say it’s maybe not for them. It’s tough to know whether or not bitcoin is right as not every investor will benefit from cryptocurrency investments. So, what exactly is bitcoin and will it be a good investment now and in the future?

Bitcoin and Currency

Digital currency is vastly popular today and bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies available today. However, bitcoin was one of the first digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies as they are mostly known by) and it’s really one of the biggest available right now. Computer users can mine for cryptographic keys and create the currency. The digital currency can be used at a variety of locations, even online to purchase items. Over the last few years, the bitcoin price has been vastly volatile going up and down. It’s an unpredictable market to say the least.

Will Bitcoin Make a Good Investment?

In all honesty, it’s tough to say whether or not bitcoin is a solid investment simply because not all investors are going to enjoy investing in digital currencies. However, if you know the ins and outs of bitcoin investments and are fully aware of how the market moves, it can be a very good option to consider. The prices are moving constantly and if you are smart enough, you could actually get a good investment price to start off with and then sell at a higher rate. As a whole, this investment is fairly decent and there are some good positives to come out of it as well. However, you have to really do your research before deciding either way. Bitcoin news is good now but you have to be on your toes and constantly keep updated with changes.

Should You Consider Investing in Bitcoin?

Investing in bitcoin can be a very smart idea to consider. Yes, there are risks involved with bitcoin but there are risks with any investment. What’s more, the current bitcoin price is OK as well. You could find bitcoin to be a very good investment option and there are many who are going to find this to be a great way to start off their investment career. However, you need to start off with a small investment and work your way up so that you understand how it all works and are confident in the bitcoin market too.

An Investment for the Future

In truth, bitcoin is a really promising avenue when it comes to investments. Yes, there are some who will say it’s too risky and that prices are too high but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make your mark! It is very much possible to invest in bitcoin and earn a decent profit. There are lots of people who do it and if you know a few things about it all, you can find things are far easier. You also have to keep up to date with the latest bitcoin news!

Read more here:

Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Is So Volatile

People think bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency and so the hunt begins! Who doesn’t want to look at bitcoin and all those other cryptocurrencies? Right now, these are the most sought-after investment and it’s easy to see why as it’s a lot easier to invest in than you think. However, there have been recent changes to bitcoin prices and it’s causing a lot of concern. So, what are the reasons as to why bitcoin prices are so volatile at the moment?

High Demand

Life with anything in life; the price increases as the demand grows. Right now, there is a big demand for bitcoin and so the prices are increasing. Of course, when the demand lessens, prices reduce slightly and that is one major contribution to volatile prices. Bitcoin price is not overly expensive now but when there is big demand for it, or more demand, then the costs are going to go up and down so quickly and almost unexpectedly too.

Changes to Economies and Markets

When there is bad news in the world or an important announcement, stocks and share prices can decrease or increase depending on the extent of the news and it’s the same with bitcoin. Where there are changes to the economy or there are major announcements made, even if it’s changes to government, it can impact the prices. The best cryptocurrency can still be impacted by what is going on in real life. That is something you have to think about when it comes to investing in bitcoin as there are going to be times when it’s right to invest and when it’s not.

Prices Will Continue to Be Volatile

Over the next few years, there are going to be more volatility when it comes to bitcoin. It’s not just down to changing times, changes to government or high demand but also value versus flat rates and so much more. People love the sound of bitcoin and they think they are going to make money with it and so there are more people racing to snap up the currency. That is causing the prices to be volatile at times and it’s a problem to say the least. Bitcoin price can be good at times but they can also be very bad. That’s something you have to consider today when it comes to investing in bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. More details here :

What the Future Holds?

Who knows what the future will hold for bitcoin. Right now the prices are fairly steady but that doesn’t mean to say they won’t get more volatile within the upcoming weeks. There are lots of positives to come from investing in bitcoin but the price needs to be right. You have to take the time to get to know the markets before you make a move and ensure you are investing in the right avenue as well. It’s all too easy to say you love the idea of investing but until you are really sure what the best cryptocurrency is, be careful.…